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Who can relate?

For years, simple things makes life easier. Did your parents or maybe grandparents have their special over the counter tricks to make life a little more comfortable when you were sick, or having some sort of issues? When my mother had a cough, from a cold or flu, she would rub the bottom of her feet with Vicks and wear socks to bed. That kept her from coughing during the night. It works, I do it every night for safe measures plus you breath much better. Not that I have trouble breathing, it's just something that I do. Vicks is also good for a few other things. During the summer, when getting a pedicure, I paint my toe nails. Yes, I paint my toe nails black. I think it's hot on a man, and I get all kinds of looks at the truck stop when wearing flip flops. I once had a Big Billy Redneck ask me why I had painted toe nails. Before I could answer he ask, 'let me guess, your granddaughter have anything to do with it?' Without me answering, we laughed and he confessed, 'mine are painted red.' Any who, when you paint your nails, and you ladies that read my bull shit will know, nail polish seals your toe nail, and if you keep the nail sealed for a long period of time, you will develop a fungus under your nail. No problem, there are several high dollar remedies to kill this fungus, but it takes a long time before you see said results. Well, Vicks Vapo Rub to the rescue. Dab a little Vicks on your toe nail before you put your socks on, and in a short time, you'll have 'show quality' toe nails to brag about. However, if you find yourself wanting to paint your toe nails for one reason or another, after several weeks, a month or so, take the polish off, let the nails breath, and you won't have the fungus problem. So I have learned. Do you have a 'special remedy' to share? Post it below, let's see how many can relate to our old time cures. Back in the day, cocaine was a remedy, but that's another story.

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