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What was the most bone-chilling sentence a loved one ever said to you?

I came across this question, which was followed by a story I wanted to share with you. I would imagine as you read the story below, that gut feeling will be the same that I had. Made me stop and think for a moment. How precious out loved ones are to us. Never let a day go by to say 'I love you' to those that mean so much to you. Ask them and friends, 'are you ok?' Just a way to let them know you're there for them. Now, go read, and leave a comment below if you like. Tim.

I have nine children , and on 10th of June 2011 my eldest daughter returned back to our family home with her one year old son, so that we could all celebrate his first birthday together having fun and playing games. In all the laughter, chaos and opening of the presents and cards, we didn’t take out much time to read and notice the messages that were written inside the Birthday cards, but put them up happily, to display on the shelf, meaning to look at them and appreciate the messages once things had calmed down, as you do.

19 days later, my daughter Chelsea took her own life, aged just 13. My eldest daughter, in trying to desperately find answers, looked out Chelsea’s card, written to her nephew on his first birthday. Inside she’d written “ your Mom will tell you about me, when you’re older “.

If we had taken notice of that card, (and the seemingly innocent comment), would we have been able to do something about it? What would we have done anyway? If we had questioned Chelsea about what she’d meant, would she have shared her intentions with us?

Just one of the many regrets that my eldest daughter and I will carry to the end of our lives .

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