• Timothy Page

Weekend at Dad's

As you well know, my brother and sister in law live next door to dad, they keep an eye on him and our step mom as they have gotten older and some what dependent on others. Have the mind set, we are all going there, IF we get the chance to live to a ripe old age. God Bless my brother and sister in law for the dedication to keep an eye out and helping the old folks. If I lived closer and had the time, if only, I'd do my best to contribute and help out more. When my brother and his wife want (or need) a break, they hit the road for their adventures and I step in as often as I can. He has critters that need tending to, along with Scooter, the dog, turtles, snakes (he's a reptile handler), and a amazon parrot named 'Sweetpea'. Miss Sis and I head to Houston for a three or four day weekend and fill in taking care of critters, dad & Pat. No problem, I actually have fun. Get to trash around Houston a bit, eat, cook, cut up with dad, it's a win win for everyone. If you notice the pics, my brother also has many artifacts he's collected over the years, the one shown above is just a fraction of his collection and yes, that's actually an authentic 'shrunken head' from some tribe from bum fucked Egypt. He'd have to tell you the history. Creepy, crazy, I think he was adopted. He has a permit from the city of Houston to handle venomous reptiles ~ go figure, if you're into that sort of thing, he's your guy.

We have a strong relationship, unfortunately my other brother (between the oldest and I) has already gone to be with Jesus, road hard put up wet. Another story at another time. The weekend was frickin' awesome, time with dad, my brother and wife get a break with a short vaca, and I'm out of a truck! Whoop. Life is grand, and I'm such a blessed man. Hope you enjoyed my post, might not mean much to you, but having these people and the opportunity to spend time with them is priceless to me. God Bless Hookers!

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