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Truck Stop Showers

I get ask quite often about the showers, taking a shower, and how do the truck stop showers work. It's really simple and very convenient for us truckers. Most truck stops offer showers, they're not free unless you buy a certain amount of fuel, then you get a free shower. The Loves Truck Stops have a points system at their truck stops. I have a Loves rewards card and every time I fuel I get points. The points are redeemable for anything in the truck stop. If you buy 1500 or more gallons of fuel in a month, all of your coffee, fountain sodas and showers are free. Of course, two things, I'm a Loves whore and a shower whore, so it all works out for me. Petro, TA, Pilot & Flying J all have some sort of rewards card, I have one of each but seldom fuel at those places, I tend to spend more time and money at the Loves. Back to the showers. If you walked in off the street, trucker or not, you too can shower at the truck stop. The showers average any where from $8 to $14, they come with fresh towels, soap and a clean private shower. Years back most mom and pop truck stops had shower facilities like a high school gym locker room. Open concept, showers were free for truckers. You had to go through the 'truckers lounge' to get to them, usually foot traffic off the street wasn't allowed back there. Times have changed (damnit) back then it tended to be quite cruisie. The modern truck stops have really evolved for truckers, of course, they compete for the business. What I miss the most is the go in and set down restaurants, most now have fast food and a fresher fair deli. Petro/TA and the older mom and pops that are still around have restaurants, and if you visit my Photos Gallery, you'll see some of the really great cuisine that's offered at some of those places, I list the truck stop as well. Check it out.

So if you're ever out on the road and need a quick shower along the way to your destination, there's one waiting on you at the next truck stop. Go, clean up. Safe travels.

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