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Texas 'Birdseye Peppers'

Since my Pinocchio Valley Aloe Vera story (see video here) I've been asked about my Chili Pequin peppers that I mentioned in my video. Well, here are a few facts, and if you love pepper sauce, these puppies will deliver. Any where from mild to wild ~ these particular ones in my photos I grow in the back yard, aka My Oasis. The second photo above is my older plant, I took the seeds from some of those peppers and planted early this spring. The third photo is one of my younger plants thus the peppers in the first photo are from that said plant, and what an awesome yield. These smaller peppers are native to Texas, better known as Birdseye Peppers. They grow wild out in the country and a few lots in the city. Birds like to eat them, thus spreading seeds all over the state. You know the drill. The green peppers have a great taste, hot too, but not near as hot as the red ones, they'll knock the hat off your head. I cook with them, put the green ones raw in certain foods, they bring a little heat and lots of flavor. Now, the pepper sauce is just that, a little bit goes a long way. I like to put it on peas, greens, eggs, just about anything you want to add some snap to. They are part of the chili pequin family, and you can make pepper sauce out of any of those peppers. I kinda like staying with the Texas Tradition. FYI, these plants are very hardy, they will freeze back, but start spouting back in the spring. I grow mine in pots, so they never freeze, I move them into the hot house.

If you'd like to grow your very own Texas Birdseye Peppers, just drop me an email, I'll be happy to send you some seeds.

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