• Timothy Page

Shit Happens

If anybody can shut down a highway intersection, it's a trucker. Last week was a long, challenging week. On my monthly trip to Columbia, South Carolina I had electrical issues and had a couple of wiring harness's replaced. Four days, three nights at the hotel. From there I took a Tulsa run going to Longview, Texas, great run, smooth sailing. Well, until my last load taking me home, the clutch blew out. Bell housing cracked, transmission fluid drained out, it was all I could do to get the rig over into the turn lane. Eventually cops showed up, directed traffic, transmission fluid on the highway made it a low level hazmat issue, so the fire department's hazmat crew made the scene. Wrecker called, towed to Longview so a coworker in the area could take my trailer to unload, another hotel stay. Next morning my rig and myself were towed back to Brenham, as of this post the guys at our shop are trying to put the white ghost back together. I'll keep you posted.

But that's not all, I wanted to say a Big Thank You to all involved at the breakdown scene, the Gilmer, Texas police, fire department, all were great to work with. Friendly, helpful and full of BS. What a great collection for fun loving guys. Great job men, Gilmer and surrounding areas are lucky to have you.

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