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Propane Delivered

This last winter was a son of a bitch here in Texas. Now I know you northern friends are most likely laughing at us because that's the 'norm' for a lot of you up north. Well, please keep that cold white shit up there and leave the warmer weather to us! My gosh! I'm not too sure if one can be prepared for what we endured during that cold blast, but here's my perspective.

Luckily my days off were Sunday/Monday, the blast came in on Monday. Snow, cold temps which kept dropping through Wednesday. We didn't lose power or water until Tuesday afternoon. Rolling outages, the city of Brenham had pump & pipe problems, which personally I think was bull shit, but you know me. Some people had water the entire time, the rest of us didn't. Since the damn pandemic, I've started to hoard a few things, toilet paper (the next round of pandemics and you're short of t-p hit me up, $5 a roll, 2 ply, free shipping. FYI) paper towels and bottled water. Preston and I had roughly 15 cases, so we were good with that. Our furnace is gas, but runs on electricity, so there's that. We burned all the firewood, but, my fireplace has a 'gas stinger' so it can be burned like a gas heater, so we were good there as well. When the electricity came on, it ran long enough to semi heat the house, over all we didn't freeze to death or starve, we had plenty of food on hand. Wine, fireball, it was all good.

With the icy roads I couldn't get the rig out of the driveway. So I couldn't roll out until Thursday. With most of South Central Texas under this freezing mayhem, we had over 200 propane loads on the books daily. Mind you, we haul the bulk propane, not the little bobtail delivery rigs. We carry the bulk to the companies that bring it to you, if you use such gas. As quick as we could deliver it, the retailers were screaming for more. Then there was the back ups at the refineries, several dozen trucks waiting to load was an issue too. The news reported a 'propane' shortage. No, morons, there was no fucking shortage, it was a product in huge demand thus took time to get loaded. There was far enough gas to go around, it just took time to load, deliver and return. We 'safely' ran our ass's off, but eventually 'got'er done.' It was actually kind of a rush, however, I'm just not a cold weather person, you know me, naked and in the heat.

That wasn't our first rodeo, years past we've had cold blast and did what we do best, bring the gas for the heat, this last year was just mega cold, and actually, I'm twiddling my thumbs wondering what challenge we're all going to face this summer? Hopefully excessive picnics in the park! We can only hope. Have faith, go chill the wine.

God said, "Love One Another." With that, thanks for reading, I love each of you. Peace out.

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