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Priceless Photo ~

First off, thank you all for being a part of my website, second, thank you for your emails of compliments and questions. I thought I would address this photo since many of you have asked questions about me and such photo. Yep, that was me at the age of 13. My cousin Susan took this picture with one of those poloroid cameras that developed the pic in the matter of minutes. How I've held onto this photo for so long is any ones guess. Notice the mini bike in the back ground? I drove my parents crazy wanting that bike for Christmas. Since I come form a family of hunters, my dad gave me a choice, that mini bike, or a new shot gun. Well, to cut the the chase, I got both. (spoiled kid) I put many a mile on that bike, oh what a memory and what fun. Notice the building in the back ground? That was mine. I saved hard earned money for such a building, more or less a club house for the neighborhood kids and I. We named it the 'Mosquito Mansion' ~ oh yeah, a lot of local meetings and fun times were had in that building, along with storage and a pretend office as well as a resale store at one time. Of course that same cousin rookie-dooded me out of a lot of coins back in the day, but that's another story. I had a small garden in the back yard, thus the 'cowboy - farmer' out fit, when my son, my name sake Timothy Jr. first saw this picture, his first words were 'who didn't know dad was gay back then?' In my heart I think my family knew, but back in those days it was never mentioned, and maybe just maybe it would go away. Besides, I was too young to address any such thoughts. However, I do have to say, I've always been blessed with awesome friends and family, no matter how crazy or goofy I acted or looked. To me, this picture is priceless, I was allowed to getaway with being me.

Thanks for reading, make sure you sign in my blog and leave a comment, thank you again for your emails, comments and love. Tim.

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