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Oklahoma Asphalt and the Perks

The best part about working 'on the road' is the perks you can take advantage of. When working around New Orleans, I park at a close by truck stop, call Uber, and away I go. I love to eat Cajun cuisine at Pat O'Brien's, and just a stones throw down Bourbon Street is a gay bar I like to frequent for a cock tail or two on the balcony watching the crazy people having fun. Uber picks me up, back to the truck, and back to work the next morning. When I get a chance and have the time, I like to hit the casinos as well. In Louisiana my favorite casino is Delta Downs if you're familiar with the area, they offer truck parking and welcome haz-mat rigs with a secure parking lot. The hotel rates are cheap, the fun is priceless.

This week, Oklahoma. We run a load of cold patch asphalt mix once a month or so to a small plant in Davis Oklahoma. When we deliver at this location, unlike the others, they pull the product off the trailer while they mix the road base material, thus taking several hours to unload. The folks here are great, they offer us a pickup truck to go get something to eat, look around town, etc. Just down the road out on the interstate is the Treasure Island Indian Reservation Casino, with an 'Ihop Express' café. Unlike the Ihop you might be thinking about, this is just shy cafeteria style restaurant. The food is great, but I like to be waited on, here, you order at the counter, they bring you the grub when it's ready. With this damn pandemic bull shit going on, it's not your normal kind of Ihop service and I get it, but still, it's just not the same. Don't get me wrong, the food was great, as you can see, I ordered the 'chicken breakfast burrito' and it was loaded, I'll have to drink slim fast for lunch, just sayin.

The casino had a light crowd, but of course it was just 9 o'clockin the morning when I was there, it really gets busy after noon time, so the lady told me, she took my temperature at the door, I ask for an anal thermometer, she laughed and ask why, I replied I was all greased up and ready to go, if you know what I mean.

I try to take advantage of places to go to and sites to see while on the road, when you work like we do, driving for a living, when you get home you want to be home. I've always said, 'you can't appreciate being at home until you can't be there.' So, with that said, when time and opportunity allows, I take advantage of the 'perks' while on the road. I've even met several of my social media friends out on the road, you just never know, we could meet some day too. That would be an awesome perk.

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