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Oasis Recovery Follow Up

As you can see, things are getting back to normal in My Oasis. My escape place. My therapy from the road, and stupid people. I love to dig in the dirt, back yard plants, tropical, house plants, growing shit in general. Still have a little to clean up and get things where I want them to be, however, I wanted to show the new color, regrowth from the banana plants, new fountain pump, and of course my 'Hot Tub' WHOOP! As you well know, my nick name is 'naked trucker' I'm also a 'naked gardener' yes, I have a private back yard, if my neighbors put forth a little effort they can see me in all my nakedness, however they really don't give two shits, as a matter of fact they would most likely join. I've been seen more than once. Out front at night, on the balcony, it's a norm here on my corner of the block. If you've seen my cooking videos ( click here ) you'll know I'm also known as the naked chef. As Lady Gaga sings, 'we were born that way!' OK, you've got me off track here. Things are coming along in the revive of My Oasis, I also have some Chili Pequin peppers growing making my very own 'pepper sauce' to sell at our county fair. More on that soon. So rest assured, you can sleep well at night knowing my infamous 'Oasis' is coming back together. I'll keep you posted with more pics and updates as Mother Nature does her job. ~ The Naked Gardener.

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