• Timothy Page

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, New York. A big hole with water running in it. Basically, but, what awesome place to visit. Normally, I wouldn't put that on my bucket list, but Scott and I snagged a load of tennis shoes out of Los Angeles to Niagara. The cases of shoes weren't on pallets as most freight, so we had to drop the trailer at the small warehouse in town. The guy in charge told us, 'you might as well go get something to eat, it's gonna be a while.' I ask him about the 'big hole with water running in it, and if we could get a rig (just the tractor) parked so we could get a look see. Sure enough there's plenty of parking at the falls. One of the many perks being a truck driver, once in a while, you get a break, and you can enjoy the sites. It was actually intriguing, the amount of nonstop water flowing over the edge. And there were lots of interesting plaques around telling facts about the falls. The best part, we got to share the experience together.

However, the load was delivered and off we went to catch another load to head back west. I believe it was around two days later, I picked up a USA Today paper at a truck stop, going down the highway, I'd read interested goings on to Scott as he drove. Just about the only way we kept up with current events back in '95. As I read the headlines, I was in awe when I read the third bit of news. I told Scotty, 'you're not gonna believe this shit.'

The very next day after our visit to the falls in Niagara, a dare devil stunt man from California went over the falls on a jet ski. His only security was a parachute. He did the stunt to bring awareness to the homeless and their needs. Robert Overacker, only 39, went over the falls, the jet ski bearing a sign drawing attention to the homeless. His jet ski kept going, he plunged 180 feet to his death. His parachute failed to open. We both road down the highway for a few minutes in silence. The only thing I could think of and tell Scott was "dammit, we always miss the excitement." ~ RIP Robert Overacker.

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