• Timothy Page

Naked Chef: Set It and Forget It!

Remember the old 'Ron Popeil' informercial about the 'set it and forget it' rotisserie cooker? I've had mine for better than 15 years and love it! No, this is not a paid advertisement, I'm just sharing a little something I enjoy 'and you can too!' IF you like to cook like I do. Naked Trucker by trade, Naked Chef by choice! This amazing oven cooks whole chickens, has a basket to cook hamburger patties, fish, sausage, you name it. I've loved this son of a bitch for ever! I use foil in the catch pan for easy clean up. Any meat you cook the grease falls to the bottom thus making a semi-healthy meal for yourself and friends. Ron Popeil invented this awesome cook wear along with many other crazy inventions, and has made millions with his TV Informercials. Thank you Ron for letting me cook a rotisserie chicken that taste like a million! Whoop. Actually the truth of the story, laid over in a New Jersey motel waiting for a load out, many moons ago, drinking a fine bottle of wine, or three, watching informercials isn't a good idea. I ordered said 'set it and forget it' easy bake oven (is what I call it), and like Christmas in July, when I returned home I've had a cooking relationship with this oven ever since. Now days, you can order online at Amazon, Walmart, etc. They have new & improved, however mine is like that fucking Timex Watch, takes a licking and keeps on ticking. If you ever thought about a buying a great rotisserie oven, check these bitches out, I promise, you're gonna love it! ~ Tim.

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