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My Oasis Recovery

After this harsh winter here in South Central Texas, I'm in the process of getting my sacred 'Oasis' back in order. Having tropical plants during the Spring Summer and Fall make an awesome place to escape. Along with my hot tub, my back yard is my 'off the road' hide away. However, all of the tropical foliage turns literally to shit when the freezing cold hits. Hibiscus cannot take the cold, cold weather, thus the reason I have mine in large pots. Every fall I put them in my garage out of the harsh winter weather and return them to My Oasis the following spring. Not this year, we had such a hard lingering freeze I lost three out of five hibiscus. I use to fret and let myself get beat up over such a loss, but now, I've come to terms it's God's way of purging nature. Where one dies, two come back. No problem, I'll replace said hibiscus, and get the Oasis back in order, the elephant ears, banana trees, potato vines, they all come back, ten fold. Every spring my beat up Oasis is like a new palate and I get to start all over again and make it just as awesome as last year. I have stage one of four out of the way, I'll post more pics as I get things back in order and back growing for this new spring/summer season. Bottom line, this is my therapy, my go to place, where I share priceless great times with family and friends, and most importantly, I get a personal reset on life. My favorite alone time place. Find your Oasis, go, enjoy you.

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