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My latest addition

Those of you that follow me and pay attention, you well know I'm all about the outdoors, my Oasis, grilling outside, etc. Well, when home off the road, I'm out back cooking something up on my grill. Gas grill of course, back in the day I was an avid charcoal bitch, today, I'm all about the propane grills. Duh! I usually go through a grill a year I cook so much. I have a cast iron griddle I use on the top of my grill and use it quite often, as much if not more than the grill. So, I found the perfect new grill for this year, it had both, a griddle and grill, therefore I would have the best of both cooking worlds. Well, came time to order such a grill and it has been conveniently discontinued, thank you Homo Depot! So, I decided to change it up, so to speak. I purchased a total 'griddle' for my back yard cooking this year. I have a couple of out spoken friends that said I'd regret it, but thus for my first cook, I love it!! I cured the griddle per instructions, let it cool, fired it back up, and cooked some killer boneless pork chops for Preston and I. For those of you whom may ask, 'who's Preston?' He's my stepson. Scott, my partner that passed away, his oldest son, Preston, lives with us. He's a God sent. He handles all the household affairs while I'm out on the road and does a damn good job. I'm lucky to have him here, besides, he inherited his dad's half of the home & business.

As this year progresses, I'll give you full report and photos of upcoming cookouts on the new griddle, who knows, you might want to try one out yourself. Or, do you have one already? Share your thoughts and cooking tips, and as always, your comments are more that welcome...

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