• Timothy Page

Merry Christmas Hookers

Yes that's a Santa Claus wine bottle, rainbow Christmas Tree which I left up and on all year long, poinsettia from a neighbor, and a apple pie scented candle. Gets the message across. Personally, last Saturday I had the entire family at my house to celebrate the occasion, good food, fun gifts and priceless love we shared. I hope you're where you want to be, enjoying the day with friends, family or whom ever you enjoy time with. Seems the holidays came quick this year, you know me, I'm a huge summer time lover, but hey, we gotta end the year with some holiday cheer. "Bring on summer!" I'm actually working at the time of this post, my Christmas celebration, as I mentioned was last weekend, I'm working so some of the guys with little children can spend time on this special day together. Again, Merry Christmas friends, be safe, be merry and love one another. Eat pie! Whoop!

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