• Timothy Page

Lot Lizard 101

I get ask quite often if there are any 'Lot Lizards' left cruising the truck stops. Lot Lizard being 'a lady of the night' cruising the truck stop parking lots offering special services to lonely truckers. On occasions you might have one approach the rig, or tap on the door late at night. I generally don't answer of even get up to see who's knocking. First off, I'm usually sound asleep, second it really pisses me off to be waken over some BS like that! Pan handlers are the worst. Waking you up to bum some hard earned money for their crack habit. Not happening. Do I have stories to tell. At least the Lot Lizards, also known as 'Commercial Company' have something to offer. Most of the girls are usually supporting a habit of some sort. Back in the day, a group of girls (4 or more) would work the truck stops and rest areas but those girls had a pimp standing in the shadows watching his stable of ladies doing their job and paying for his Cadillac. The day of the traditional Lot Lizards are just about gone, oh, you still have hook ups daily at the truck stop, but most are done by phone apps like tinder, grindr, and a few others, what ever your fancy I'm sure there's an app. Lot Lizards really don't get on my nerves like the pan handlers. I'm out on the road, days/weeks at a time, away from home, family, friends, Ms Sissy, and some free loading son of a bitch wants ME to give him MY hard earned money. Not happening. You see, anytime you just freely give those people money, you're actually enabling them to get out, get a job, and be a productive person. I have a pod cast coming up on pan handling, and I share some of the bull shit these people come up with to get money out of your pocket.

About the girl in the video. This was taken at a truck stop I was waiting at on the east side of Houston off Clinton Drive, near the ship channel. At the time I really didn't have any cash on me, she was asking for some money to get something to eat, which is the cue for me to ask about her services. I didn't give her any money nor was I interested in anything she had to offer, however, she didn't walk away empty handed, Tim to the rescue, I had one of my signature honey buns on hand. At least she got a little something sweet from this friendly truck driver.

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