• Timothy Page

Let's Hit The Lake

For the longest I've been wanting to get back on the water. Finding a good deal on a used boat the last year or so has been a challenge, well, turn over enough rocks, kiss a lot of frogs, and viola ~ the deal of the century. 1985 Bayliner, 85 horse motor, needs a tune up (and going over by my boat guy) an I'm in the lake! It's been quite some time since I've owned a boat, I've had three over the last, well, long time. This baby is number 4! I'm not looking to ski, knee board, or any fancy shit, I've wanted a 'run about' for a long time. Get out on the water, solo, or with friends, and just enjoy God's gift to man ~ nature. Relax. Enjoy. Swim, have fun. "Clothing optional of course." So I'm wanting to share my latest adventure, I'll keep you posted and entertained with my 'on the lake' shenanigans as the summer continues. Wanna ride along? Bring it! Let's get wet!

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