• Timothy Page

Internet Trolls

There's a lot to be said about the internet. The information highway. Research, pay bills, buy a car, take classes online, meet new people, the opportunity's are endless. Then there's social media. The devil's workshop. Everyone has something to share, about their job, about their families, event goings on in one's life, politic opinions and such. Social media platforms has allowed us to reunite with old friends, lost family members, get involved with special interest groups and so forth. Then there's the 'internet trolls.' No good, worthless morons that 'troll' social media trying to do their best to ruin someone's day. I've had a few challenge me and my opinions on a post or two, but I like to think I have the mind set, and thick skin not to let these losers effect my attitude in any way shape or form. The most disappointing thing altogether is the hatred. And of course that old saying, 'haters are gonna hate.' There are people like that, makes you wonder what kind of life they really lead. My best advise to you about these internet trolls would be, ignore them. Read this and apply it "I'd have to value your opinion before your insults effect me." A one time hard core 'Fuck Off' works well too! I'm all about F-Bomb. They may continue to come at you, that's when you ignore the idiots and move along. Trust me, I've learned with these soulless morons, you'll never get the last word in. Social media, don't take it personal, there's much much more to life, get out and live it!

As always, thank you for reading my blogs. Your questions and constructive comments are always welcome.

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