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Home Depot ~ Retail Sales

That's right Hookers, I worked at the infamous Home Depot Brenham Texas facility. At the time I was working from home doing some contract truck brokering when I decided to work for the HD to get on a good insurance plan. If you've never worked retail, you should try it at least once. Corporate American will brain wash you're ass into submission in a matter of weeks. Actually, if you have a good management team, it'll be one of the best experiences you've ever had. I loved the people I met and worked with, still do today and it's been better than eight years ago when I did the Homo Depot gig. I actually ran the show, I was what they called the 'Lead Generator.' My job was to teach the associates how to capture leads from potential customers for home services. For example, Home Depot installs, such as gutters, windows, insulation, roofing, HVAC and portable buildings, you know, like the ones out in the parking lot. As a matter of fact, my gift of gab ranked me as one of the highest volume sellers of the Tuff Shed brands. I also had sex with a customer in the two story 'barn dominium' in the parking lot here in Brenham. Sold the son of a bitch too, what's that tell ya? None of the other associates trusted me enough to go out to the sheds after that, but, what ever. I was also in charge of the special events, hot dogs out front, lady's night out, cooking cookies in the confection microwave in appliances and smelling up the store. I gave out cookies, candy, dressed up for Halloween, and got to work the entire store. I must say there was never a dull moment at the store when I was at work. I was in love with the manager and he knew it, I learned so much from Paul, his then girlfriend was my bestie, still is today. I have a couple of videos about working at the Homo Depot, watch 'Weenies at the Home Depot' and watch 'Retail Pains' ~ If you work, or have ever worked retail, you'll relate to these videos. It's all in fun. Those were fun times, however, I'd rather get a paper route and leave the retail side of things behind me. There are two things I learned working retail, your very very very best isn't good enough, and, there sure are a lot of ass holes in this county. Just sayin!

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