• Timothy Page


'Hobosexual' someone that has a partner only because they need a place to live. How true is this? I'm sure some of you can relate to the definition of Hobosexual. Maybe you too, have taken advantage of someone just because you needed a place to call home. Temporarily or maybe until something better came along. It's amazing how people will stope low enough to take advantage of someone that actually has no clue. Some time ago I was lured in by a younger guy that was 'looking' for a way out of his then, current situation. (one of those online romances that I always say 'don't work') I was the perfect target. Needless to say, I was 'saved by his boyfriend' when he finally caught up with me at told me a much deeper story about this guy. It happens. Most of the guys I've dated, or tried to start a relationship with since Scott passed away, never really had much to bring to the table. That's the down side going after younger guys. The short short version of this explanation is about like going to a gay bar looking to hook up with a 'one night stand.' Hey, that's what we do, a trick so to speak. Well, you start small talk with a guy, few drinks, maybe a round or two on the dance floor, however, they are always looking over your shoulder looking for the 'next best thing.' If the 'next best thing' never materializes, well then, you've got the score. Again, it happens. I'm really not a bar type, and now days we have a good collection of 'pick up' apps to choose from. You don't even have to leave the house. Bottom line, if you're looking for romance, which may turn into relationship, make sure the one you seek, can suport themselves. Car, job, place to live. Then go from there. You have nothing to lose, nor do they. Hobosexual, more than a roommate, less than a lover. ~ Tim.

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