• Timothy Page

Happy New Year Hookers!

Happy New Year Hookers, yes you! I so hope your Christmas was awesome, mine was, family had Christmas the weekend before the holiday, great food, great connections, kids, grandkids, just an awesome blessed time. Pics to follow, on the holiday date, I worked, I always do, I'm so blessed, we plan our Christmas days before, family is spread out with in-laws and such, so, with that in mind, I work the holiday so coworkers with children can spend the time with the kids. Oil field related, there are no holidays. Again, the time with my children, priceless. I so hope all of you had a great holiday season, and for the 'political correct' MERRY CHRISTMAS fucktards. Just sayin. I've slacked on the website, podcast, videos, but I've had a plate full the end of the year, all is well, please stay tuned and enjoy the shenanigans coming up! God Bless and I Love You All!

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