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OK, here we go, this post may, or may not offend some of you, but, if the truth offends you, well, you will be offended. This is MY take on Gay Pride Month.

Have an open mind, open heart, and think 'reality!'

June, Gay Pride Month, my first question is, why a whole fucking month? Can't it be just a three day weekend or such? Second question, what are you 'prideful' for? Really? What the hell are you prideful for? Think about that.

My take? First off, let me lay the ground work where Daddy Tim stands. (I say 'Daddy' because most gays relate to an older guy like me as a 'Daddy' ~ yes, I'm a Daddy, to three awesome grown kids and four priceless grandkids. Gay guys call me a 'breeder', "a gay man with kids", that's cool, three awesome people call me Dad, and four priceless souls call me 'Pampa' ~ so there's that! What do you got?

Again, what are you 'Prideful for as a Gay Person?' Me? I'm proud I'm not in the LGBG crowd. You see, I think on my own. I make my own decisions, no one tells me how to think or believe, how to vote, what to wear, how to look or act. I don't run with the heard. I take the high road, the one least traveled.

I have been 'bashed' so to speak, harassed, belittled by more gay people than any straight! So? Where is this pride bull shit? It's really hard to have 'gay friends' than straight friends. Why? You can't have a gay friend without that 'sexual aggressive need in the room.' Can't we just have a cocktail without sex?

We've come along way. In the 70's 80's the AIDs epidemic took a toll on the gay community. Thanks to the 'older gays' we've come as far as we have. So, to the younger fucktard faggots today, respect older gay men/women, they are the ones that pioneered the path to healthy living, prevention and test we have today.

And as far as 'gay discrimination' in the work place and abroad, first off, DO YOUR JOB and you won't get fired. There is a difference. Just because you are 'gay' doesn't mean you get a 'fuck off' pass. Harassment is another story, don't abuse the rule.

Just because "You Can't Discriminate Against Gays' doesn't give us the right to 'seek and destroy' any entity that has a right to religion. Fuck people, what's wrong with you?

Chick fil A? Who cares, it's just chicken! Go to Kentucky Fried Chicken, the Colonel will sell chicken to anyone! Stop bitchin! It's just chicken!

And remember the Lesbos that wanted a Lesbo Gay Cake for their wedding? They went to a baker for such a cake. The baker, because of religious reasons, declined. Well, instead of going to the next baker, they spent a fortune on lawyers, court cost and went all the way to the Supreme Court for the reason.

They got thier ass handed back to them on a cake plater. (No pun intended) As well as the baker. They lost their life savings defending themselves in court. Is that what we are all about? Now we have 'rights?'

Seek & Destroy? I'm not on board!

One more thing, where the LGBT Community fucked up, putting sexuality in politics. FYT, for all you Liberal LGBT Sheep, President Donald Trump was FOR Gay Marriage 20 years ago. During the 2008 Presidential Nomination for President, Obama & Clinton both, on National TV, during a debate were AGAINST Gay Marriage. Take a moment, pull your liberal head out of your ass, do your research. Two friends of mine called to tell me Trump was going to retract gay marriage. Really. Think on your own. Be proud.

What happen to take your gay business to a 'Gay Business?'

Maybe I'm just old fashion, raised by old white mother fuckers that taught me to be kind to one another, help your fellow man, live life, don't put yourself in harms way, and don't make your sexuality an issue. There's a lot more about you than being gay.

Finally, I've never been gay bashed. If you have, and survived, God Bless You! However, stop being a coward. 2nd Amendment, you're protected. Go, go to a shooting range, rent a gun, buy the bullets, learn to protect yourself. Stop being a pussy. It's actually fun. Learn a new hobby. Google it. Find a place. Go. Learn. Protect. I've carried a gun for 45 years, taught me kids, then wife, and partner, someone ask me 'what are you afraid of?' I replied, "absolutely nothing".

Be Prideful without being hateful. God Bless You, God Bless America.

Gay White Conservative Hooker! Love You All

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