• Timothy Page

Freedom, Isn't Free

The Constitution is an amazing document for 'All Americans.' Just for shit's and grins, have you read the Constitution? The First Amendment is 'Freedom of Speech.' Although, some elected congress people are trying to shut people the fuck up, 'those telling the truth' via social media and select news outlets, men and women have died to keep our freedoms in check. I get the idea of protest, but what amazes me is, if this country is so bad, why not move to another? Why? Because this is still the greatest and freest county on earth. Some may argue, but none have left? Remember the hookers on 'The View' that boasted they would all move to Canada if Trump won the Presidency? (First off Canada doesn't want a bunch of air head bitches like that) Well, he did, they didn't. I dislike the idea that athletes, actors/actress's, entertainers from late night talk shows, singers and such, use their platforms to voice 'their' opinion on politics. It's amazing how some entertainers who never graduated from high school and 'fucked' their way to the top all of a sudden know more about politics that the average American. Amazing. What's left a nasty taste in my mouth is, we over pay these morons to watch and or listen to their craft, not listen to their opinion about what THEY think is right or wrong. If I wanted to know their opinion I'd ask. Protest on YOUR time not mine. The NFL has learned a hard lesson and has lost millions if not more because of spoiled players down grading our country while on the job. I get it, but do it on your time, not mine. I pay to watch football not watch multimillion dollar players whine cry and protest something they really don't understand. Funny thing though, you never see these fucks protesting on their time off. Amazing. Just when they have a audience. Singers too. I'd like to tell Taylor Swift to shut the fuck up and sing. I'll call ya if I want your opinion on anything other than your music. And who is this Billie Eilish? And how the hell does she know so much about global warming? Shut up, go die your hair, and keep singing that shit you call music.

I get it, "Freedom of Speech." But just remember, a lot of people died so you can have your say. Careful how you complain, and this goes for Congress and the current Communist in office (career politicians) each and every time you take it upon yourself to attack our country, and our Constitution, you're shitting on those graves at Arlington Cemetery. Instead of crying and complaining, how about standing up with your million$ and be part of the solution. Here's an idea, join the army and see what protecting this country and our rights are all about.

The United States of America is a FREE country, free speech, free to roam, free to bear arms, and if you don't like it, you're FREE TO FUCKING LEAVE. ~

Your constructive opinions are welcome, if any of my post offend any of you, I'm sorry you're offended, but I'm not sorry for my opinion. Peace out.

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