• Timothy Page

Drive Naked! 2021

The nakedness continues. As a nudist, naturalist, body positive person, I am so comfortable in my skin. No, being naked as often as possible isn't a sexual thing, it's a natural thing. Going to a nude beach and stripping down, in your mind you're thinking everyone is looking at you. No! They're looking at the clothed people, they, not you, are unnatural at a nude beach. Short, tall, fat, skinny, buff, in shape, out of shape, round in a shape, be happy, be you! Embrace the unusual and get out of your comfort zone. You and you body deserve it. Naturalist, nudist, are the most laid back people you'll ever meet. Trust me, back when I was younger, I'd leave my clothes on at the beach. Yep. I discovered the freedom of nudity and stay nude more than clothed. Yes, this year, start off naked at home. Couple of hours. All day, several days, when time allows. Then, step outside your comfort zone, go to a nude beach, resort, or take a nude hike down a deserted path. Find your freedom. Drive naked, it's a rush! More, much more this year........


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