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Dad & I

Something to be said about a man that raised 3 boys and tolerated the challenges that came along with it. My dad, in September he'll be 98 years old. Says he's shooting for 100. Being the youngest and learning from my two older brothers, this man is a priceless father. I've often said, 'If I could only be HALF the dad to my kids as he was to us.' I could have done a much better job, but that's another story. Dad has always been here for us. Keeping us out of trouble the best he could, teaching and entertaining as much as he could. We were far from rich, but never went without. He taught us right from wrong and we paid hell if we were wrong. Today, at 97, his love and compassion for us boys is still very strong. I just wish I lived closer and could put more time in the process taking care of him and my step mom. My brother and sister in law live next door, they are strong troupers making sure these two are ok and get what they need. They don't venture out any longer unless it's a trip to the doctor and such. Man how time flies. Seems like yesterday I was just a kid following behind dad with fishing pole in hand going to our favorite fishing spot.

When I 'came out' at the age of 34, he was the last I told. It hurt his feelings that I didn't tell him first. I explained that I had friends that came out and their families never spoke to them again. I had to prepare for such a heart break.

His response; "Son, you three boys put me through pure hell, there is nothing you can tell me that would ever make me lose the love I have for you."

Love you dad, love you with all my heart. You're the greatest! When others let me down, kicked me to the curb, when Scott was so sick, you were always there. Unconditional love at it's best. You taught me so well.

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