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After a few inquiries I thought I'd address this photo from years past. My first horse. I did some work and scratched up some cash and purchased 'Spook' from my cousin's then husband whom worked on a ranch. Spook was just a year old colt and I had no clue on how to train a horse. People laugh at me when I told them I bought a thin paper back book from the Purina feed store in Houston on how to raise and train a horse. When I bought the horse my dad thought I had lost my mind, 'where in the world are you going to keep a horse?' Well, a close friend of mine had a horse and just across the street from our high school was a stable. Problem solved. The short of a long story, I trained Spook step by step, I must of done something right because the first time I mounted up, he never bucked, snorted, farted, nothing. Of course he had no clue what we were doing, but he eventually caught on, as well as I did, and shared many years riding trail rides, casual rides in Houston, yes, in Houston. I rode him to school several times, drove the principle crazy. Yep, tied him out back. He was a gentle guy, however he was a Quarter Horse and had running blood in him. At first when I'd saddle him up, for the first 30 minutes he was ready to haul his ass. Tight rein, and a little patience he calmed down. A few times a friend would take him on a ride and he would run off with 'em. Once there at the stables I took a girl from school on a ride. I rode on the back, she sat in the saddle. Once she was comfortable I slid off the back and she rode off. Well, Spook smelled the innocence's of the girl and took off full throttle, jumped a gate, she fell off and cracked here hip bone from her right side to her spine. Oh what a fucking mess. Ambulance, hospital, body cast, it was a nightmare. She was even trying out for cheerleader at our school. That put a stop to that shit! Well, thank God her family had great insurance, and no repercussion on my part, it all ended well. No, she didn't make the cheerleading squad, fyi.

There are many stories I could tell about Spook and I, many miles on trail rides and such, what memories. I guess we can all look back on our journey in this life and relive the special times, but don't get too caught up, right now, we need to be making more special times.

On a sad note, Spook was 13 when I had to make the decision to put him down. What a dark day. He got caught up in a cattle guard and broke his hind leg in three places. There's not much you can do when a horse breaks a leg, especially that severe. I still have the last shoes he wore, I've got a small memorial with two in the Oasis flower bed, and think about my old buddy often. Ahh, the memories. Priceless.

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