• Timothy Page


Remember back a summer or two ago before this damn pandemic when this Luna tune licked the ice cream and put it back on the shelf? The YouTube video got over 10 million views. The majority of the comments from watchers called this stupid millennial generation X bitch a sick thrill seeking hoe. When truck drivers get together, over coffee at the truck stops, or maybe loading/unloading at a facility, we tend to solve the world issues. Kind of spooky if you think about it. Several of us brought up the subject of such an incident and have determined this just might have started the COVID pandemic. It's more proof than any politician or the political drivin CDC has come up with. Thanks to this inconsiderate lactate loving hot tongue hooker, we're all wearing mask today. Frankly, it's an insult to me to have to cover up such beauty. Truckers; solving the nations problems, one coffee cup at a time. T.

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