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Driving a truck, commuting a long distance, riding a bus, train, what ever, many folks like to read to pass the time. Well, driving you're not going to read anything but street signs, bill boards and speed limit signs. If I'm not listening to my SiriusXM radio, I'm listening to audio books. You can really get drawn in to a story if someone else is reading it to you. The 'cat's meow' I'm telling ya. If you like to hear a good book, try out Audio Books Now, get a free trial and 50% off your first purchase. Don't buy another book, listen from anywhere on any platform, go check out Audio Books Now and see how simple and great it can be. I do, I listen to all kinds of great books rolling down the highway, and no book clutter in the truck! Besides, they are a proud sponsor of Timothy-Page.Com.

Click on the photo above or click HERE and enjoy! You're welcome.

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