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Amazon.Com & Gourd Seeds

Amazon.Com & Gourd Seeds

Who doesn't buy from Amazon? I've had to put myself of a budget and my Amazon purchases were the first thing I had to cut. I should have deleted the app, would have been much easier, or not? Working on the road, while driving, besides eating and cussing people that don't know how to drive, you have a lot of time to think about a lot of things. Usually I think of something I need, or would like to have, or hear an ad on the radio, etc., and off to the Amazon app I go. Do a little searching and into my shopping cart it goes. Usually I wait until I've gathered a certain amount, review my choices then hit the buy button. Being on the road for a week or so at a time, when I get home, it's like Christmas. Or maybe not. Not everything comes from the Amazon warehouse down the road, nope, a lot of these treasures we want to buy is sent from independent sellers. Anything from Amazon is usually at the front door in a matter of days or less. Not in the case of my 'bird house gourd' seeds.

Two years ago while running gas into Tennessee there is a truck stop in Rising Fawn, Georgia I occasionally stop to fuel. Next door to this truck stop is a fruit stand, the lady had a huge stack of gourds, the kind you can make yard ornaments or birdhouses out of. Martins love these things. Any who, I purchased several for a project I had in mind, well, gave two away, and kept one, which I made a bird house. Sure enough that spring birds came, made a nest, and raised three or four young, thus success in my Oasis!

So, I decided to grow my own, the seeds in the gourd I had purchased at the fruit stand were several years old, I tried those seeds and they never came up. Bought a package of seeds a the local Walmart, but these gourds were smaller than what I was wanting. As you can see in the pics I posted, the smaller one is what I raised, the larger one was from the fruit stand in Georgia. So, I searched Amazon for bird house gourd seeds, and, of course, found just what I wanted. I ordered the seeds late fall thinking I'd receive them in record time, I'd have an early plant, and raise all the gourds I could possibly want. Not So! Took eight weeks to get the damn seeds, "came from CHINA" and the damn things never came up!! What the hell? China? Gourd seeds?

Now, this may sound a bit pity, but, the only complaint I have is the seller should have mentioned, 'will take forever to receive this product' because it's coming your way on a slow boat from China! If I had known, and I take full blame for not doing better research, I would not have spent time or money on these seeds. Needless to say, I left a poor review because of my disappointment. Lesson learned. I'm not sure if you buy much off Amazon, but this isn't the first time a product took this long to be delivered and it's not the first product that came from China. I've become a more aggressive shopper, it's my money, my choice.

I've had the same experience on Instagram. A lot of those neat items you think 'you gotta have', come from China as well. What's really pathetic, my sweet cousin took a cruise this last winter. At a port in Jamaica they hit the gift shops, guess what, all the shit came from China! Really? Why not just take a trip to China? Same thing a the truck stops, I bought a shot glass with the state of Alabama on it, from China. Yeah the fireball still taste the same if it's from China or Alabama, it's just the idea.

Now, as you read this, you're thinking I'm ragging on China because of our current situation in this country. The Chinese Virus. Yes, I said Chinese Virus, it came from China, I call it like I see it. Not being racist. You call it Chinese Food don't you? Well, same thing only different. I remember just a few years ago, Kathy Lee Gifford had her name on some designer clothing sold in K-Mart (I think, might have been Walmart) the shit was made in Taiwan or the Philippines in sweat shops. Oh holy shit, people drug her good name through the ringer! Damn her for supporting sweat shops! "Those poor people work 18 hours a day, everyday and get paid pennies", they said. Well, remember that the next time you see a China sticker on the bottom of your designer flip flops.

All I'm wanting is gourd seeds from AMERICA! God Bless You, God Bless America, I'll keep ya posted on the seeds and the gourds. **Thanks for reading, your comments below are more than welcome, don't get ugly or demeaning, I've got voodoo dolls. Peace out everybody. T.

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