• Timothy Page

1861 Cemetery

I've always been intrigued with old cemeteries. If and when time allows and easy access, I like to walk about the old graves and read the short information the tombstones hold. This cemetery was just across the street from the Treasure Valley Casino in Davis Oklahoma, there was no plaque or information posted about this cemetery other than it resides on a historical location. After loosing my ass at the slots, I figured I stop by and take a quick look see at the old graves and read a little bit about the early settlers from the 1800's. From what I could read most passed away by the time they were in their mid to late 40's, one was of a 4 year old, the son of the Howell family. Makes you wonder what took place back in those days. I just wonder, in another 150 years, will those people be wondering through today's cemeteries asking the same thing? If they have the same attitude our young people today have, most likely they won't give two shits. But then again, that's my opinion.

If you ever get the chance, stop by, check out the monuments of yesteryear, it's really a humbling experience.

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